There is nothing sexier than a person with confidence, now add an artistic talent such as music, film, or dance as well as the art of seduction and it’s easy to see why women who have mastered all three have become some of the world's most sought-after sex symbols. In the 1950's Marilyn Monroe was not just a pretty face, she was a humanitarian, intellect, style icon and artist. She single handedly changed American's attitudes towards sexuality. She was bold, beautiful and well...a bombshell for lack of a better word, but not every sex symbol in history was quite so obvious.

One of histories most iconic examples of sensuality are Geisha's. “Geisha” is Japanese for "person of art". They not only have the science of flirtation and teasing down pat, but they excel in the arts of singing, dancing, and hosting as a result of years worth of serious training. Westerners often think of Geisha's as prostitutes, however that is far from the truth! Geishas are not meant to have sex with their clients but to tease, flirt, entertain, and surprise them intellectually, physically and musically.